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Join the PTA

Research shows students do better when their families are involved at home and at school.
That's why school values family and community participation, and volunteers are always welcome.
Consider joining our school's parent teacher association (PTA) or stepping up as a classroom parent or a volunteer or chaperone on field trips.

Classroom Parents

Classroom parents or parent coordinators have the opportunity to represent individual classrooms in parent organizations like the English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC), PTA, or School Site Council (SSC).
To become a classroom parent, complete the classroom parent representative application and turn it in to the school office or e-mail it to the principal at mmclaughlin[at]ssfusd.org.

English Learners Advisory Committee

The ELAC advises the principal, SSC, and school staff on programs and services for English Language Learner (ELL) students by helping to develop the ELL section of the school’s Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), distributing and tabulating a needs assessment survey, and informing parents of the annual statewide language census.
For this reason, ELAC members often consist of parents of ELL students.

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA organizes book fairs, school fundraisers, and other events and even funds various educational programs.

It helps parents stay abreast of developments at school and provides parents with a means to suggest changes to improve their school and community.


The PTA also provides information on ways parents can support their child’s education and allows parents to hone their skills and talents in service to that cause.


More importantly, the PTA connects parents with other families and helps build a sense of community.

To get involved, contact Juanita Flores at 650-877-3955 or jflores[at]ssfusd.org.

School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is responsible for the development and approval of the SPSA and the school site budget in seven areas:
  • Implementation of a Standards-Based Instructional Program
  • Establishing and Monitoring Systems of Assessment and Evaluation
  • English Language Learners
  • Special Education
  • Equity
  • Interventions
  • Parent and Community Engagement
This is accomplished by a review and analysis of student data, which helps to inform decisions about school improvement strategies and the allocation of resources in support of student achievement.

School Volunteers

As a child’s first teacher, parents influence the lives of their children and students in meaningful ways. At Los Cerritos Elementary, we recognize the importance of this relationship and seek to strengthen the bond between home and school.
That's why our school requests that parents/guardians commit to volunteering five (5) hours a year through the parents at work (PAW) program.
School volunteers may fill out a school volunteer application ahead of time and return it to the school office along with a:
  • Current tuberculosis (TB) test dated within 60 days
  • Copy of a valid driver’s license
The school office will then submit the completed packet for a fingerprinting appointment at the SSFUSD district office.


Please allow at least two (2) weeks for fingerprint processing. 
Volunteer applications will NOT be processed without a fingerprinting appointment.
Parents who wish to chaperone field trips must be fingerprinted and have a negative TB test on file. 

PAW Program Activities

  • Chaperoning and/or driving on field trips*
  • Tutoring students in your child’s classroom one-on-one or in a small group*
  • Setting up learning centers in your child’s classroom
  • Coordinating and scheduling classroom or schoolwide events (science fair, book fair, art exhibits, cultural events, family nights for math/reading)
  • Taking pictures or videotaping school events
  • Assisting on Picture Day or on Vision and Hearing Screening Days
  • Organizing/distributing materials, supplies, books, etc.
  • Organizing the supply/book room
  • Preparing materials for arts and crafts, science, social studies, or service learning projects**
  • Clerical tasks**
  • Running photocopies**
  • Reproducing learning materials**
  • Gathering resource materials**
  • Assisting in the library/computer lab
  • Helping another classroom*
  • Reading to students
  • Leading a school club or sports/outside games program*
  • Cleaning/organizing lost and found items**
  • Participating in school beautification projects
  • Coordinating fundraising activities**
  • Writing grant letters**
  • Supervising students during recess and lunch*
  • Interpreting or translating foreign languages**
  • Decorating bulletin boards and displays
  • Donating items to the school (equivalent to 1 volunteer hour once per school year)
  • Providing an educational workshop/presentation

* Requires fingerprinting
** May be done at home